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“…I don’t believe most of us want to keep struggling through it alone…”

This excerpt from Margaret J. Wheatley so clearly defines how I’d like to focus this publication, I’m simply sharing it:

As the world grows more strange and puzzling and difficult, I don’t believe most of us want to keep struggling through it alone, I can’t know what to do from my own narrow perspective. I know I need a better understanding of what’s going on. I want to sit down with you and talk about all the frightening and hopeful things I observe, and listen to what frightens you and gives you hope. I need new ideas and solutions for the problems I care about. I know I need to talk to you to discover those. I need to learn to value your perspective, and I want you to value mine. I expect to be disturbed by what I hear from you. I know we don’t have to agree with each other in order to think well together. There is no need for us to be joined at the head. We are joined by our human hearts.

—Margaret J. Wheatley, Turning To One Another

What to expect...

I publish when life allows, so expect random.

I don’t do shouty, or full-speed-ahead. I do insightful, thought-provoking, sometimes quirky or irreverent, occasionally humorous. (Fair warning: there may be bad puns involved.)

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